Career Development

Taking you along our cycles of success journey of applying the MBTI® and Strong tools in your career and personal life is Catherine Rains, M.S., CPP’s Solutions Consultant. Follow along as she covers areas such as

  • What motivates you at work by type and how to make you most engaged
  • Where you need to grow at work and how to reach where you need to be
  • How the Strong assessment can “fill in the blanks” once you’ve self-assessed
Catherine Rains has over 25 years of experience facilitating organizational development initiatives and team-building initiatives in Fortune 500 companies and universities.
Follow a real-life customer on her journey!
Meet Priscilla Gardea as she goes along her own journey of self-discovery and assessment! As an avid MBTI user (and lover), she will be exploring how our line-up of CPP tools can help her reach her professional and career goals, while sharing insights with you on the “whats” and “hows”. Along the way, she’ll learn ways to apply these practices into her personal life! Read about Priscilla as she begins her journey!
Priscilla Gardea, Senior Admissions Counselor at Adams State University and MBTI Enthusiast.
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The job market is competitive and the resulting insecurity people feel can often bring out the worst in behavior. Take a look at the Survival Tactics for 9 to 5 infographic to learn steps you can take to minimize the impact of competition and protect your long-term career.

Your career can span a lifetime, but it’s not your whole life. That’s why it’s important that your career development plan aligns with your values and interests. To maintain this alignment, take a look at these career development tips.

Career Ready. Career Strong
Learn about the Strong Assessment
Whether you have used the Strong tool to help you find your own career path, or have never heard of it before, watch this short and insightful video to get a glimpse of what the tool can do for you and your employees. After you watch the video, read a study we conducted with students who took the Strong assessment. The goal of the study was to identify these student’s perceptions of future careers, motivation, and definitions of “success” as members of a generation that will soon enter the workforce.
Winner of the “Name our Video” Contest: Jessica Crombie

Jessica Crombie, MA, is the Interim Assistant Director of Leadership Programs at the University of Arizona. Her favorite part of her position is assisting students with their professional growth and challenging them to explore their career options. In her free time she enjoys performing improv comedy and playing with her dogs. She advises her students to pick a career they love and their career will love them back.