Take Your Leadership Potential
to the Next Level with the
CPI 260® Assessment

The CPI 260® assessment is a personality assessment of characteristics that play a part in everyday situations, particularly in the workplace. It is designed to measure several critical competencies and tendencies that have an impact on leadership effectiveness and potential. These characteristics are universal—that is, they are independent of an individual’s industry, responsibilities, and the people she or he manages.

At CPP, we offer a certification program that focuses on teaching you the fundamentals of using the assessments within your organization.You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a stronger workforce by learning how to use the tool to complement succession planning and selection programs
  • Create more impactful leadership plans by getting a view into employees’ strengths and areas for development

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Earn Continuing Education (CE) Hours

CPP is recognized by the following professional development associations to offer CE hours for the public CPI 260 Certification Program.*

In-House Certification Programs

Interested in certifying 5 or more employees? The CPI Certification Program can be delivered on-site at your office and will save you time and money. To find out more or to schedule a program, call 800.624.1765 or contact us here.

What do you get out of attending the CPI 260 Certification Program? We’ll let our customers tell you.

*Our in-house FIRO Certification Programs do not qualify for CE hours. Organizations require that training programs must be listed publicly and available for anyone to register in order to qualify for CE hours. Due to the nature of our in-house programs, we are not able to publicly promote these programs and thus offer CEUs.

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